Feed Material Production Center (Fernald)

Also Known As: FMPC, Fernald Environmental Management Project, FEMP, FERMCO, NLO



 Special Exposure Cohort Employees (SEC):

Fernald, Ohio

January 1, 1954 – December 31, 1978

  • All employees of Department of Energy
  • Department of Energy’s Predecessor Agencies
  • Contractors or Subcontractors
 Fernald, Ohio

January 1, 1951 – December 31, 1983

  • Most employees of the Feed Materials Production Center


Fernald Eligibility

EEOICPA Compensation is more likely to be awarded to former Fernald Employee’s if they worked during the SEC Period.  Fernald’s SEC Period is between January 1st, 1954 and December 31st, 1983 (see above for more details)Compensation is typically awarded to employees who worked for at least 250 days and later developed one of the following 22 specified cancers.

Workers whose employment occurred outside of the SEC class period can still file a claim for benefits under Part B or Part E of the EEOICPA.

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About Fernald

The Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC) was established in 1951 to convert different forms of uranium into uranium metal. Because of it’s location, the plant supplied fuel to nuclear reactors at Hanford and Savannah River. Due to suspension by the Department of Energy, on-site production continued until July 10, 1989. As a result, the Department of Energy shut down the facility on June 19, 1991. During its production, the site produced over 500 million pounds of uranium products to support United States defense initiatives.

Thanks to the hard work of activists and former employees, the former FMPC Plant is now a Nature Preserve.

More Information on Fernald

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Fernald Compensation

Below, you can find a Department of Labor graph for the total benefits paid for claims: