Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25)

Also Known As:  East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP)

Oak Ridge K-25
Location  Special Exposure Cohort Employees (SEC):
Oak Ridge, Tennessee  Before February 1, 1992


Oak Ridge (K-25) Eligibility

EEOICPA Compensation is more likely to be awarded to former Oak Ridge Employee’s if they worked during the SEC Period.  Oak Ridge (K-25) SEC Period is before February 1st, 1992. Compensation is typically awarded to employees who worked for at least 250 days and later developed one of the following 22 specified cancers.

Workers whose employment occurred outside of the SEC class period can still file a claim for benefits under Part B or Part E of the EEOICPA.

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About Oak Ridge K-25

The K-25 plant was built as part of the Manhattan Project to supply uranium for nuclear weapons production. Construction of K-25 started in 1943. It was the first diffusion facility for large-scale separation of uranium-235. It became was fully operable by August 1945. Additional buildings involved in the enrichment process were operable by 1956. The site’s use was primarily for the production of highly-enriched uranium for nuclear weapons until 1964.

From 1959 to 1969, focus shifted to the production of commercial-grade, low-enriched uranium. In 1985 the uranium enrichment process was placed on standby due to declining demand.
Two years later the process was permanently stopped.

The Oak Ridge Plant was also a host for centrifuge facilities, to develop and demonstrate uranium-enrichment technology. These facilities have also been shut down.

Since 1988, the primary DOE mission at K-25 has been remediation, though on-site DOE contractors and sub-contractors continue to provide on-site services which are covered under EEOICPA. Also during this time, DOE paid for the construction of the Toxic Substances Control Act. (TSCA) incinerator which disposed of certain regulated wastes, much of which originated at various DOE facilities. In 1997 the name of the facility was changed to the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) to reflect its changing nature.

During this period of remediation, the process of privatization of K-25 into the ETTP was ongoing. This privatization effort involved leasing portions of the premises out to private industry. These private businesses and their employees are not covered under the EEOICPA.

Oak Ridge K-25 Compensation

Below find a Department of Labor graph for the total EEOICPA benefits paid: