Nevada Test Site

 Also Known As:  Nevada Test Site, Nevada National Security Site, NTS


Nevada Test Site
Location  Special Exposure Cohort Employees (SEC):
Mercury, Nevada  January 27, 1951 – December 31, 1992


Nevada Test Site Eligibility

EEOICPA Compensation is more likely to be awarded to former Nevada Test Site Employee’s if they worked during the SEC Period.  Nevada Test Site’s SEC Period is between January 27th, 1951 and December 31st, 1992. Compensation is typically awarded to employees who worked for at least 250 days and later developed one of the following 22 specified cancers.

Workers whose employment occurred outside of the SEC class period can still file a claim for benefits under Part B or Part E of the EEOICPA.

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About Nevada Test Site

The Nevada Test Site (NTS) was established in 1951. NTS’s mission is to conduct field tests of nuclear devices. The test site, slightly larger than the State of Rhode Island, has been the primary location for testing nuclear explosive devices since Operation Ranger was first conducted in at the site in 1951. In addition, NTS is used for low-level waste disposal. During the tests residents were able to see “mushroom clouds” up to 100 miles away. One test included the “Sedan” shot, which was an attempt to prove that nuclear weapons could be used to build canals or bays. As a result, a crater 1,280 feet wide and 320 feet deep that can still be seen today.

Currently, the Nevada Test Site allows other types of testing and is in a standby for potential nuclear tests. However, the largest use of the test site is monthly tours. Visitors can not bring in cameras, binoculars, or cell phones.

Nevada Test Site Compensation

Below find a Department of Labor graph for the total EEOICPA benefits paid: