Savannah River Site

savannah river site
Location  Special Exposure Cohort Employees (SEC):
 Aiken, South Carolina  January 1, 1953 – September 30, 1972


Savannah River Site Eligibility

EEOICPA Compensation is more likely to be awarded to former Savannah River Site Employee’s if they worked during the SEC Period.  Hanford’s SEC Period is between January 1st, 1953 and September 30th, 1972. Compensation is typically awarded to employees who worked for at least 250 days and later developed one of the following 22 specified cancers.

Workers whose employment occurred outside of the SEC class period can still file a claim for benefits under Part B or Part E of the EEOICPA.

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About Savannah River Site

From 1950 until the 1980s, the Savannah River Site conducted multiple operations in the U.S. nuclear weapons complex. Some of the most important were the production of plutonium and tritium. Many facilities were built at SRS to support these production efforts and to address their resulting environmental impacts. They include five nuclear reactors, two chemical separation plants (also known as canyons), a nuclear fuel and target fabrication facility, a heavy water plant, and waste management facilities. In addition, SRS is the location of the Savannah River Technology Center and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.

Now, SRS remains a key Department of Energy facility. Now SRS focuses on maintaining the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and ensuring future production capabilities.

Savannah River Site Compensation

Below find a Department of Labor graph for the total EEOICPA benefits paid for claims at Savannah River.