Post Life Medical Opinions May Validate EEOICPA Claim

Nurse holding patients hands during eeoicpa diagnosis

Recently, the Department of Labor clarified that a deceased person who was misdiagnosed may still be eligible for an EEOICPA Claim.

As long as your lost loved one is still eligible for an EEOICPA Cancer Claim, by working at an approved SEC site for at least 250 days and the post-life diagnosis is one of the approved cancers, then you can file an EEOICPA Claim.

Even though this option is available to all, it does not guarantee that the Department of Labor will approve the post-life cancer diagnosis. The most likely way to have the claim approved would be to keep detailed documentation of the doctor visits, screenings, and medical records. After you gather that documentation, contact a local cancer clinic or your family physician and ask if your deceased loved one may have been wrongfully diagnosed.

If your doctor believes that your loved one should have been diagnosed with one of the EEOICPA approved cancers, ask your doctor to provide in writing the best medical documentation as to why your loved one should have been diagnosed with cancer.

After you have medical opinions backing your EEOICPA Claim, or have any questions regarding a potential claim, please contact our firm by calling (513) 945-1939 or filling out the form below.


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