Subcontractor Database Available to Use

Subcontractor Database from Department of Labor is Now Available Online.









The Department of Labor Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) has released their contractor and subcontractor database online. All companies known to have a contract with a nuclear weapons facility or the Department of Labor will be added into the database. Currently, there is ongoing research to identify as many contractors and subcontractors as possible. New contractors are added to the database after DEEOIC approval.

This database is one of the sources of information used by the DEEOIC Claims Examiners to verify employment status. However, the database should not be used as the only basis for establishing a claim. There are many other requirements including: diagnosis, what facility you were employed with, and when you were employed. For more information on EEOICPA Requirements visit our eligibility page.

To read the database please visit