Starting your EEOICPA Claim


If you would like our experienced team to manage the claims process for you, please fill out the form below or call us at (513) 651-3700 so we can discuss your potential EEOICPA claim.  Having streamlined the claims filing process, we can help you obtain your maximum monetary relief within the shortest time frame possible. 


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How we help you:

  • In consultation with you, we prepare and submit the necessary claim forms to Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation, DEEOIC, program.
  • We prepare a list of the documentation that will likely be necessary to support your claim.
  • We track down and obtain, when possible, any necessary documentation, such as medical and employment records, that you are missing.
  • As your appointed Authorized Representative, we aggressively pursue your claim directly with the federal government and the Claims Examiner to timely and fairly process your claim.

You will not be charged any attorneys’ fees if you do not receive an award.

  • We do not collect any fees from you unless and until the government issues you an award.
  • If we file a successful claim on your behalf, our fees are two percent (2%) of the total payment made. For example, if you receive an award of $150,000 from the EEOICPA fund for a Part B claim, you would pay us $3,000 after receiving the funds in your account.
  • If we are objecting to a previous decision to deny your claim, our fee is ten percent (10%) of the denied payment amount if we are successful.  You would only pay us after receiving the funds in your account.


If you want to look into pursuing the claim on your own, the United States Department of Labor, Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation, has made a variety of forms available on its website.  There is no fee for filing a claim with the federal government.