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Markovits, Stock & DeMarco is a commercial and environmental litigation firm whose attorneys have successfully represented clients in some of the largest and most complex legal matters in U.S. history. Our deep and varied experience extends from representing businesses, public pension funds, and individuals in federal and state courts across the nation, to successfully arguing appeals at the highest levels of the legal system – including prevailing before the United States Supreme Court.

Paul De Marco

Paul De Marco

Louise Roselle

Louise Roselle

Paul DeMarco was one of the lead attorneys in the Fernald cases. When asked about the importance of EEOICPA Claims, Paul noted “the compensation that we were able to secure for the workers and the information that we were able to secure in our lawsuit was the basis for the application of the special exposure cohort that ultimately succeeded. Because there was a special exposure cohort at Fernald that has just been expanded, workers are more capable than ever of securing compensation from the federal government for having toiled for so long in deplorable working conditions at Fernald.”


Louise Roselle won Trial Lawyer of the year in 2009 by America’s Public Interest Law Firm for her leadership on Rocky Flats. The 26 year long court case was recently settled in 2016. “We are very pleased that after 26 years we finally have achieved a settlement for the families that lived around Rocky Flats.” said Roselle. Louise has also worked on litigation at Hanford, Fernald, Piketon, Mound, and Cotter Mill. In the Hanford litigation, Louise Roselle was lead counsel.


Our efforts in facilitating the Energy Employees Occupation Illness Compensation Program Act, EEOICPA, claims process began after attorneys at our firm represented workers at the Fernald nuclear weapons facility and the facility’s nearby residents in two successful landmark lawsuits against the contractors of the U.S. Department of Energy.

These lawsuits resulted in over $120 million in settlements and comprehensive medical monitoring programs for the facility’s workers and nearby residents.

With this experience Markovits, Stock & DeMarco is uniquely qualified to assist nuclear weapons facility workers and their families with the EEOICPA claims process.

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